Exporting a report to Microsoft Excel

When you have a report open, you can choose to export the entire report or a specified set of pages to Microsoft Excel format.

If you export a crosstab report to Excel, the appearance of the crosstab report in Excel can differ from the DHTML report. For example, the width of a column in the Excel spreadsheet can be narrower than in the crosstab report.

How to export a report to Excel

  1. When the report is open, choose Download from the toolbar.

  2. On Download, complete the following tasks:

    1. In Export Report To, select one of the following options:

    2. In Page Range, select a Page Range option.

      figure 2 - Exporting a report to Excel

  3. To save the report in Excel format, choose Save Report.

  4. To view the report in Excel format, choose View Report.