Viewing and saving a report in PDF format

When you have a report open, you can view or save the report in Adobe PDF format by choosing Download on the toolbar. You can view or save the entire report or a specified set of pages. Choosing View Report displays the report with Adobe Acrobat Reader, but does not save the PDF file on your computer. Choosing Save Report lets you save the file on your computer. You can then open this file with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Depending on the memory available on your system, the Acrobat Reader might have problems opening or displaying large PDF files. When saving a large number of pages to PDF, your web browser might display a time out message before the save operation is complete. To solve this problem, you can save the report in parts using multiple save operations.

If a report page is larger than a sheet of paper the default behavior for the page's appearance in a PDF file is to split the page into fragments without truncating the data.

When viewing or printing the PDF file, the PDF can appear different from the displayed DHTML report. The differences may occur due to:

How to view or save a report in PDF format

  1. When the report is open, choose Download from the toolbar.

  2. On Download, complete the following tasks:

  3. Figure 1- Exporting a report to PDF

  4. To save the report as PDF, choose Save Report.

  5. To view the report as PDF, choose View Report.