User Setup

When a new user needs to be created, do the following:

NOTE: You must be an internal administrator to create a new user.

From the menu bar at the top of the page Click User Admin . The Add New User page appears.



User ID

Create user ID for user. The ID must include 10 characters, alphanumeric, no spaces, no special characters, not case-sensitive.

First Name

Type the users first name.

Last Name

Type the users last name.

Email Address

Type the users email address.

Phone Number

Type the users telephone number.


Create password for user.

Confirm Password

Type the same password.

Password Change Required

Check this box if you want to require the user to change his or her password after first logging in.

Main Office

Type your company’s main 8- digit account number.


Select Active.


Type your company name.

Access Type

Select the type of user you are creating.

Access Level

Select the type of level you are creating for the user.


Type the location account number of who the User ID is related.


Select the reports you would like your user to be able to view.