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Fiat on & off ramps

Now, your users can access the crypto market with an easy cash transaction in-store.

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Key benefits

Allow users to convert cash to crypto and crypto to cash using MoneyGram

As a crypto wallet or exchange, give your users the ability to easily convert from fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat through one of our 430K MoneyGram locations across 200+ countries and territories.

Fast and reliable transfers

A powerful network with over 80 years of moving funds, you can trust MoneyGram to get your user’s money to the right place.

Industry-leading compliance program

Get access to state-of-the-art fraud prevention and anti-money laundering services to conduct your business confidently.

Tap in to a new user base

Reach users who want to easily access the crypto market using cash.

Give your users the freedom to choose where their money goes

With MoneyGram, your users can decide to move their funds to a bank account, wallet or a MoneyGram store of their choosing.

Build innovative API solutions

Our modernized REST APIs allow you to create groundbreaking solutions, ensure high performance, and get you to market quickly.

User journey

Take a quick look at a cash-to-crypto transfer flow.

Cash-to-Crypto On Ramp Cash-to-Crypto Off Ramp
Enter transaction amount

The user enters the amount they would like to buy in cash.

Select a location

The user selects the MoneyGram location where they will go to pay for the transaction.

Enter transfer details

The user enters the required transaction information.

Execute the transfer

The transfer is executed, MoneyGram provides a reference number for the transaction.

Fund the transfer

The User pays with cash in-store and the funds are transferred to their account or wallet.

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API solutions

Discover how to integrate MoneyGram's APIs with detailed documentation, API reference, "Try-it" features and more.

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