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Online money transfers

When your customers use your website or app, they can send money from anywhere to over 430,000 locations in 200+ countries and territories, 24/7/365.

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Key benefits

Connect to our global network

Offer fast and simple online money transfer solutions to a global network reaching hundreds of countries and territories.

Money transfers with competitive fees and foreign exchange rates

Provide your users with affordable transfer fees and great exchange rates so they can save and get more money back home to their loved ones.

Industry-leading compliance program

Get access to state-of-the-art fraud prevention and anti-money laundering services to conduct your business confidently.

Reach new users

Expand your business with an existing digital user base of over 40 million people.

Access 5 billion+ bank accounts and digital wallets worldwide

Increase your revenue with a doorway to the world's most-used currencies, banks and mobile wallets, 24/7/365.

Simple & modern APIs

Our simple REST APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate your digital channels and get to market quickly.

User journey

Take a quick look at a digital money transfer flow.

Online money transfers Start online, pay in-store
Start online or mobile device

The user starts the transaction on a personal computer or mobile app.

Get a quote

MoneyGram provides payout options along with a competitive transfer fee and foreign exchange rate.

Enter transfer details

The user enters the transaction information.

Fund & complete the transfer

The user funds their transfer with a credit or debit card, or an online bank account. MoneyGram completes the transaction and provides a receipt with the reference number and transfer details.

Stay up to date

MoneyGram keeps the user updated on their transfer via app notification, SMS or email.

Explore our online money transfer solutions

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API solutions

Discover how to integrate MoneyGram's APIs with detailed documentation, API reference, "Try-it" features and more.

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